Marketers of God

Don’t be ashamed, but declare the word.

Everybody is selling something, whether they know it or not.
Everybody is promoting something, whether they are conscious of it or not.

So beloved, what are you selling and What are you promoting?

Just look at some of the information we are bombarded with, on the television and the radio which we are even ashamed to talk about. Alcohol is the cause of many accidents, leading to the deaths of a countless number of lives. And yet there are smiling people on television, telling us that it is the power we need. These commercials are being forced down our throats. We are being forced to believe things that are not true.

In this era of social media, just make a content analysis of the videos and pictures on some platforms and you would wonder why a believe will be comfortable in such groups.

One of the things that has struck me for sometime now is the shamelessness and boldness of unbelievers as they go about their lives and the shyness of believers to carry out their ministry.

The profanity, insults, nudity, immorality and irresponsibility communicated and demonstrated by unbelievers with gusto is shocking and overwhelming to say the least. Homosexuals confidently and boldly speak of their abnormal behaviour with passion and even have the temerity and audacity to fight for their “rights” on our streets, radio and television without any sense of embarrassment but how come believers are quiet when it comes to speaking God’s word?

Dear Believer, don’t be ashamed but declare the word. We are the only marketers and promoters with and for God. Our product is priceless and of such a great value: The Gospel of Jesus Christ. All other products will perish, but this product transcends death and the grave. So why will marketers of such products be ashamed when the products has such a great reward?

It was Paul who said “I’m not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ”, meaning some people or something was making him ashamed else there will be not need for such a statement. We cannot do this work of the ministry if we are ashamed, we need to be shameless and forceful in the business of the administration of the Gospel. Never again shall we hold back.
Declare the word to somebody today.
Shalom and peace to you.