Winasoul Christian Network
Soul winning through evangelism or outreaches is only but the beginning.
Winning the soul of man is not an event but a continuous process that goes on until his time has expired, because the hunter of the souls of men is constantly and persistently bombarding men with filth and corruption from every direction so as to drag them to eternal damnation.

In view of the above, we are bringing onboard a plethora of Spirit filled teachings and the Apostolic doctrine that sustains the capacity to deliver, preserve, equip and empower man to live above the corruption that is in this world.

To show the dying soul the life-giving beauty of the Glory of God through Jesus Christ.

We exist to spread the passion for Christ and His Kingdom among young people
through Evangelism, Drama & Apologetics.

Working Principles
Evangelism, Teaching, Drama & Apologetics
– We are committed to teaching basic Christian truths
– We believe faith must always lead to action & growth in Christian character & service
– We believe in equipping young Christians with the necessary understanding to provide a defense for what they believe whenever the need arises
– We believe in using short dramas and theatrical sketches to communicate basic Christian truths

Equality & Unity
We are committed to ministry without race, gender, language, or social demographic.