Jesus Virus III


Dear believer, why is your heart failing and why has fear and doubt taken the best of you? I will tell you why; because you have become a Corona virus journalist. You know all the statistics and can even quote them off head but you cannot quote a verse about Gods protection for His children from the Bible, you talk about Corona virus all day with your friends and family more than you talk about Jesus and His saving power, you search and research and share every material and information about Corona but you will not share Christian materials sent or forwarded to you. Are you ashamed of Him?

Fear is and has always been a great weapon in the arsenal of the enemy. Fear paralysis faith and renders it inefficient so that it cannot produce the expected result. Fear short-circuits the power of God in the life of the believer. This is the reason God said “Do Not Fear”, 365 times in the whole Bible, one for a day.

Goliath was a real enemy and great threat to the Israelites, which King Saul and his well trained soldiers feared exceedingly, but it took a young shepherd boy who had more faith than fear to bring the giant down. If faith pleases God then God abhors fear because fear is a proclamation of the inability of God to make good His promises.

The time to make the switch is now for are we not to walk by faith and not by sensory perceptions? Let’s get in the word, talk about His promises with friends and loved ones more than Corona, share Christians materials with others more than we share news on Corona because we become what we feed on. Don’t feed your fears but feed your faith and you will bring down any Goliath that stands against you. Don’t be the mouth-piece of the enemy spreading fear and darkness all over the land but be a trumpet in Zion sounding and resounding the goodness of the Lord; His protection for those that reverence Him and bringing light and strength to the faint hearted.

If we could spread the Gospel of Jesus like we are spreading Corona news and statistics, the prayer of Jesus would have been answered “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. Shalom