Dangers Of Discontentment

Discontentment is the father of all evil whilst Selfishness is their mother. Studies have shown that men do not learn from history and history always repeats itself on a higher plain. Inability to learn the outcome of decisions made by others in the past (both great and small) is self suicidal mission.

Discontentment is a great weapon in the arsenal of the enemy which causes it victims to self-destruct when deployed against them. Discontentment is a land mine whose replication  can be very calamitous when triggered by the false hope that what you have out there is better than what you currently possess. It is an age old weapon of the enemy that is still in use today. Perhaps i have the opportunity to enlighten you if you have not taken notice of it yet because this can save your life.

Lets start from where it all began; The Garden of Eden. Although God had given all the fruits and trees and animals to man for his pleasure and satisfaction, the enemy came to sow a seed of discontentment in the heart of man to take Gods portion because they became dissatisfied with what God in His wisdom has freely given to them and the enemy planted in their heart the need for more. We all know how they ended up.

What could make a man marry three hundred wives and have seven hundred concubines, what at all is man looking for? I have pondered over this in the past. Thank God at the end of his life he was delivered, had his senses restored and exclaimed “all is vanity!”. Why some still want to indulge in activities that is destined for vanity is incomprehensible. Discontentment is not just an attitude, Discontentment is a spirit that programs its victims for self-destruction. Discontentment leads to envy, envy leads to anger, anger can lead to murder. Cain’s countenance became rough, because God had respect for Abel’s sacrifice and plotted to murder him in cold blood but he couldn’t plot to offer to God a more pleasing sacrifice than he earlier gave. This has been the refrain that continuously echo through all the ages human generations.

Why do we have abled men on our streets begging for handouts whilst those who are physically challenged make a descent living working with what God has endowed them with. Discontentment always leads to neglect because it makes its victims to think they do not have what others have to make it in life. This is was the mentality of the servant who was given one talent in the Bible. He neglected it and buried it away. I thought so how did he survive since the master was on a journey, and it occurred to me he might have resulted in begging and convincing others who are working with their talents that the master did not give him any. That story is not different from what we witness today.

So what is wrong with desiring and going after more , someone may ask? There is nothing wrong with going for more, God wants us to grow from glory to glory, that is His desire for us. When we are faithful and grateful with little He will bring the increase. When your going for more involves undoing the other person, causing pain, breaking relationships and going against the statuses of God, then one is destined to self-destruction because Gods word cannot be broken. When Jesus was grateful for the five loaves of bread and two fishes God multiplied to feed over five thousand hungry men and twelve baskets were leftover.

Stop comparing and complaining and begin to be grateful for where you are and what you have now. Thank God for the five loaves of bread and provoke God for your more.