Oh Lord thou art God over all the earth. By your hands you have struck the chick bone of all my enemies. You have over turned their horses and chariots and their trusted armor. For once has the Lord spoken but twice have I heard that all power belongs to Him. Who is he that sayeth a thing and it comes to past when the Lord God commanded it not? We annul demonic prophesies and blot out the hand writing of ordinances and satanic legislation against our lives, family and loved ones by and through the blood of your dear son Jesus Christ.

We arrest premature death and delete the mark of destruction from upon your people. We command the unconditional release of captives of war and disappoint the expectation of all who devise our downfall.

Now to any man or woman, personalities with bodies and those without bodies who have vowed that over their dead bodies for us to fulfill our destinies we declare and enforce it upon their heads, that as they have said so shall it be.

We stripe them off their trusted weapons, we take their armor from them, we remove their cover and their defenses, dealing with the forces behind the scene; we overthrow and dethrone the powers. We draw the blood line and declare stay on your side of the line!

Now ooh Lord for the years wherein we have been abused, misused, oppressed and suppressed we declare let there be a divine compensation. Restore and repay ooh Lord the years the locust, the cankerworm, the caterpillar and the palmerworm have eaten. Let our later be greater than our former by all means. Listen and answer the cry of them that morn in Zion and show us a token for good.

I send forth these words as divine projectiles in the realm of the spirit and declare that they hit the bull’s eye and i seal this prayer in name that is above every other name even Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God. Amen.

By Percy Agbeblewu.