Living for Christ is not “what is in it for me?”.
It is not about cars, buildings, money, and pleasure.
The last time I checked the richest men on earth have no religion.
So if materialism is your objective then you will do better without God.

Oh yes.
Living a Godly life is death to the old man of greed, covetousness, and lust of every kind.
It is a great price. Now we don’t hear of the suffering of the believer again in the Church.
A half-baked gospel littered everywhere, no wonder there is no transformation in the society.
The church has refused to administer the bitter pill that will cure the madness in society.

We have now resorted to feel-good, look good messages that make corrupt, filthy sinners
comfortable in church, without any sense of repentance and re-alignment.
The same people who come to church on Sundays, collect bribes in offices on Monday morning
without any hesitation at all.

Many churches have become an assembly of clowns, so appalling that unbelievers are taken aback
the things that happen in places of worship.

The lack of persecution in our part of the world is a sign we are in bed with the devil.
For it is written “Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.”
How can there be a collision when we are moving in the same direction with the prince of the world.

If when the devil tells you to sleep and you sleep, shout and you shout, mute and you mute,
why will there not be peace between you and the devil? What would have happened had Daniel
obeyed the devil not to pray for 30 days? Of course, he would not have had any issue with the king and all these lions den problems but we are not called to obey the devil because we are afraid of trouble or even death.
It is written “they overcame him (the devil) by the blood of the lamb and the word of their
testimony and they loved not their lives unto death”.

Every true believer is a terror to the devil and will suffer something for standing with God.
Don’t take the easy way out, it’s a trap. It is better to suffer for the cause of Christ than
enjoy the pleasures of sin and ungodliness for a season.