The Revival

If that revival meeting will not produce young men that will hit the streets looking for souls, then, it is as good as new yam festival …If that prayer marathon will not birth hunger for the lost in people, then, it is not different from an Inter House sports …I am yet to see one single man that became mighty in God’s Hands by shouting loud Amen in church…I have not seen any young minister that manifested phenomenal grace just through the impartation of great men and women of God …If glory comes by falling under anointing, we would have had kingdom superstars everywhere .

But I have never seen God separate kingdom honour from a life that is sold out for lost souls…If glory is far from that life, check it, there is no genuine passion for souls in that heart …Can you reduce your hunting for impartation this year and trust God for ideas to spread the gospel? …Shouting loud amen and running for impartation without commensurate burden for the lost makes of no effect the power of the hands laid on you …This year, I am on a vow to call my generation back to the streets for evangelism… It is a delicate duty of which, by His grace, failure is not expected ..Incase we offend you in the process, please, we apologise in advance…But, if you are interested in seeing our generation pulling back from this shadow hunting, then, keep a date with us on this space … We are sure that God will help us all…I wondered what we do preach in our churches that makes young people leave our churches without any concern for their lost friends who will go to hell if they die now?

What do they copy in all their church sermon notes that makes them comfortable watching their neighbours living without Christ?…30 years ago, when men leaves the church, before they get home, they would have branched in some bars and markets, preaching to people…And when they don’t preach to people in a week, they go to pastor to pray for them, to revive their passion for the lost …But today, they come to church, fall under anointing and stand up, expecting miracle alerts…When are they going to stand up from our anointing and start crying to God to: “give us this mountain”?…I cry anytime I enter a bus and see old men and women preaching or leading in prayer, while, Christian youths are all seated inside the same bus, unperturbed …Do we need a prophet to tell the church that we are losing the souls of our young ones to church activities?…When was the last time you saw youths, standing in strategic places, preaching either with their mouths or with megaphones?…A young man will be burning for souls, but once he joins us in our churches, we use departmental positions to kill his zeal …He will start sowing choir uniforms, and because he has been choked with choir practice rehearsals, everything about evangelism in him will die.

Yet, we don’t care, as long as he is regular and punctual in church…Sister, I don’t know the position they gave you in church that swallowed your passion for souls…Please, cry to God to have it back… That is the only thing that will set you apart in our days… Because there is no mantle that is not traceable to passion for souls …Some of us have no horses and chariots that would have brought us this far …It was burden for the lost that served as the only currency that has paid our fare to the little we are seeing today…Joseph went in search of His brothers and ended up as a prime minister…David went for his brothers and ended up with the head of a Goliath …You don’t need to be a pastor… If God can find this burden in your heart… Then, our generation, here you come …This new year, Iyke Oriaku, I have made my choice .I don’t know about you …Let us pray!

By Iyke Oriaku