The Pursuit of God

And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.(Jer. 29:13)

What will you consider your greatest achievement in life?
What will you acquire that will be your greatest satisfaction?
I am wondering what your answer will be. Your sincere answer will reveal to you the state of your own heart, for where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.
Is it not written that in the last days, the love of many shall grow cold? and that men shall become lovers of themselves?

What is the purpose of life at all?
Why are we here?

We are not here to do our own thing, struggle to pay bills, get a good job, live a comfortable life,
retire early, chill on a yacht and die. Let him that has an ear, hear what the Spirit is saying; I speak
to believers. Today the standard of the world has become the standard of the church.

What unbelievers who have got nothing to do with God have, has become the goals and dreams of believers. Materialism has become the hallmark of God’s blessing in our lives. No wonder the devil is not fighting the church anymore because he is part of the church. If the Bible is the blueprint and foundation of the believer then we have missed it big time.

Okay, what was the life of Paul like, what about Peter and John? Aahhh !!!
Sorry, I know you don’t like messages like this. Honestly speaking, we were not told
what it meant to be a believer; A Death Sentence. The 1st Century church knew this, even
folks in the old testament knew this, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego knew this,
Abraham knew this. It is only the church in the 21st Century that is oblivious.

Let me end here. Have you thought of why the church in Europe is dying?
Now if the gospel was all about prosperity and comfort, then God was very unfair to
men like Paul; who was in prison frequently, beaten with a rod 3 times, given 39 lashes severally,
stoned to death, to John was as dragged from horseback, boiled in oil, drowned in water and when he
refused to die, he was exiled to the Island of death; Patmos with no food and water. Yet even at the Island of death, the heavens opened to him to download the Book of Revelation which he penned down for generations yet unborn to time.

Now when you meet someone like Bill Gates who has all the money in the world to last more than two lifetimes, who does not need healing or miracle, who is not looking for a wife or husband, not looking for rent or school fees or job; what are you going to preach to such a person to give his life to Christ?

Every other area of human life is advancing ie technology, education except Spirituality which is why we continue to be in trouble. The hunter of the souls of men continues to use the same areas of advancement to kill, steal and destroy man.

Do we wonder why people who have all the certificates from world-renowned institutions like the calibrations on a thermometer steal from the poor in society?
Do we wonder what could cause someone with great financial standing and goodwill in society to commit suicide?

It is only the genuine pursuit of God and the preaching of the pure word of God that has the power to transform the souls of men. While education is good, more education without God is a potent tool in the hands of the adversary to the end that the human race be destroyed.

What is your object of pursuit?
Are you pursuing the hand of God (what He gives) or the face of God(knowing Him intimately)?

My heart is heavy