Spiritual Diplomat

There is nothing like cold fire. All fire is hot. Fire does not compromise. Flies do not settle on a hot stove. Fire symbolizes power and aggression. It dominates and conquers. The early Christians had fire in their bones. They were not spiritual diplomats but men and women on fire for God. These days, there are many Christians who are ashamed to broadcast the name of Jesus. But the Apostles collected fire and turned their world upside down. It was side about them “..these that have turned the world upside down are come hither also;” Can we say this is the testimony of our generation? I think not!

Fire empowers God’s people to confront and destroy the works of darkness. How come we attend all manner of well-organized meetings and still produce “ice cream Christians” who cannot even quote one Scripture in the face of the devil.

Fire-emitting Christians are scarce in our time; no wonder darkness is gradually overtaking us on every side. In our time negotiation, compromise, motivational speeches, and counseling has replaced FIRE because there is no power. But it is written “..they overcame him by the blood and the word of their testimony; they loved not their lives unto death”. We almost always forget to add “and they loved not their lives unto death”. Christians are afraid of death because there is no power to deal with the works of darkness, but this was not the testimony of our fathers in the faith.

The devil is not a myth, he is real and interested in your destiny. In fact, he has his destiny for you to fulfill. He is not a diplomat so don’t negotiate with him. If you play with the snake, it will bite you. Don’t sit on the fence because there is no vacuum in the spirit. Arise thou sleeping lion and roar some scriptures, arise and spit FIRE. I am tired of grammar, I want some Power, Give me FIRE.