Biblical View: LGBTQIAP+

As Christians, we are representatives of a superior Kingdom and we are known as such when we bring the values and the mind of the King to bear in our daily discourse. I hear this argument all the time, that let’s put religion out of this discussion and address it from an intellectual perspective. When the mind of a people is reprobate, knowledge has no value to society, and perversion and moral decadence becomes the lot of the people. An intelligent reprobate mind will only find “intelligent” ways to destroy the fundamental blocks of society and nothing else. We need more than intelligence, we need renewed minds here.

As a Chrisitan, God’s word should not only be the moral compass for navigation in a world where the borderlines between good and evil, moral and immoral have been completely eroded but also the final authority on all matters of life.

A true Christian who knows God is not indifferent to evil but loves what God loves and dislikes what God frowns on.
There are too many Christians sitting on the fence because their discernment has been desensitized.
Making arguments outside the parameters of the word of God as a believer is an indication God’s word has no authority and value in your life. By what then, is your yard-stick, what then is your scope of reference? Humanistic and secular views?

Lawyers quote from legal books, Doctors quote from medical books: A Christian must quote and have references from his Bible. There is nothing absolutely wrong with that and that does not make it less intellectual; in fact, it has much more value intellectually. Every discussion has a context and you cannot superimpose your secular, atheistic context over the Christian context.

Of course, because the contexts are different there will be conflicts. That is why every believer is sent to the marketplace of the world to make disciples of nations. Discipling is bringing on board the Christain perspective on all issues of life, not some views of a supposed Atheistic intellectual. We cannot be fishers of men if we remain among men in the same element with them. It is written, come out from among them and be ye separated unto me.

Some argue; it does not hurt anyone, it’s in their rooms. Those are tools to desensitize you and me, to be passive towards their dehumanizing activities. We believers must also do research on some of these things so we can speak with some gusto.

Their activities are not limited to some bedroom escapades between adults as supposed, but active recruitment of the young promising men and women into these acts thereby jeopardizing their future. Statistics show that there is bound to be an 18% rise in HIV/AIDS infections as a result of this behavior. At the end of the day, it hurts everybody and the world at large.

In conclusion, the church of Jesus Christ is being called upon repeatedly, both from within and without, to reappraise its historic posture toward homosexuality. Such a prevailing public challenge demands a response from not only those charged with shepherding the flock of God, but all disciples of Christ, and refuting those who oppose His truth. In the spirit of the Reformers, they must labor so that God’s truth is not obscured by the traditions of men. It is time to study deeper to show ourselves approved unto God a workman that needs not be ashamed.