Be With Him

Sitting under the feet of the master and learning His ways and imbibing His nature and life is better than being all over the place in the name of working for God. He called us first to be with Him before sending us out. He that called us is the same that sends us out. We are unable to stand for Him because we have not been with Him long enough. Our impact is shallow if any because we love activities than real encounters. A form of godliness without the power of God.
Jonah was one man, but his cry brought the entire wicked civilization of Nineveh to its knees.
Today we have churches of 5,000 10,000 50,000 yet darkness is permeating and invading our borders on every side.
Jesus had only 11 men but it was said of them: these men the turned the world upside down have come here hither.
God is looking for depth, not number.

Will you examine your life today to see if you are still in the faith or just going through the motions and performing activities?
Let’s Cry to God for help from a sincere heart and repent.