Jesus Virus I


By now, i believe every single soul on earth has heard about Corona but how many have still not heard about the great Lord of love and the creator of heaven and earth, Jesus Christ? Corona Virus has virtually brought hitherto great nations on their knees. The United Nations,G8,WHO,Religion,Medicine and co are despondent and the hopelessness in these times is very conspicuous.The efficacy of this virus is something that has caught my attention; it’s intercontinentally infectious. It does not want to stay in its victim alone but wants to conquer territories and even nations thousand’s of miles away. Evil has no shame, no constraint, not reserved but headstrong in even taking
precious lives with pride and arrogance.

In my imagination i wondered, how would the nations of our world be if we, Christians could be as
efficacious as this virus in the preaching and publishing of this Gospel handed down to us by
the blood of many martyrs; propagating the love of Christ, forgiveness and victory over sin and death. We cannot behave as if we have other options because there is no other name under heaven given to men by which they may be saved but the name of Jesus.

I don’t believe this situation is a punishment from God. Some say why is God not stopping the death
and infections after our Pastors have prayed and all that? but remember God did not stop the rains from coming
down but the ark that Noah built preserved his life and that of his family. Jesus is our ark of safety in these times. I believe the seed of the righteous shall be preserved by all means.

I also believe this is a wake up call to all who name the name of Christ. How long have we been Christians, go to church and yet we have not infected any one around us with the Jesus virus. We travel to all kinds of places and come back and nobody catches what we say we have. We hold hands to church, hug friends and loved ones and yet after many, many years contact tracing reveals nothing. Why are things this way, when we have received such great and precious promises from God?

We are too fond of mocking our Pastors and leaders but the word of God was not written for your Pastor. It will do us a lot of good if we subject ourselves to the same values and standards we subject our Pastors and leaders. Don’t be quick to judge and insult anybody because of their mistakes or even wrong doing, Jesus is the standard for the believer not your Pastor.

We can no longer hide our true identity any more, that time has expired. It’s either we believe what the word says or we may as well forget it all together. Don’t be ashamed of being identified with Jesus, He owns the world. Don’t be embarrassed because the world will mock and call you names because there is no other saviour out there. Let’s spread the Gospel, infect as many as we can and let there be a chain reaction till the whole world knows about the Lord. They that observe vain vanity forfeit their own mercy. Live and die not.