The Apex of Creation

The greatest gift God gave to mankind is not sight but vision. Sight is a function of the eyes but vision is the function of the mind and of the heart. What the eyes see is what already exists but vision gives you the possibilities of what could be.

Vision is the snapshot of your purpose.  Everything God created has a purpose. Nothing is created for experimentation or the fun of it.

The sun is beautiful but beauty is not the purpose of the creation of the sun. Without the sun there will be no human life. The Gamma and the Ultra Violet rays from the sun cause the chlorophyll in plants in the chemical reaction to convert sunlight to food energy in the process called photosynthesis, producing oxygen for human existence.

The mosquito, though hated by humans play a very important role nonetheless.They function as population controllers checking overpopulation in nature, which often leads to starvation and death. Mosquitoes are extremely effective vectors for disease thanks to their voracious feeding patterns and built-in hypodermic needles. In subarctic climates such as northern Canada and Russia, mosquitoes play a major role in plant pollination. Mosquitoes are also one reliable fast-food option that migrating birds, count on to fuel up and keep moving. Without them, the migratory process may not be possible and the numbers of birds that survive the journey could fall dramatically.

Even the cockroach plays a vital role in the life cycle of plants. As they crawl through flowers seeking food, they also transport pollen and thus help with plant reproduction. Cockroaches eat what other organisms leave laying, breaking it down and increasing the amount of nitrogen in the soil. Without their nitrogen-rich excrement, the forests would suffer. The leg of the cockroach is highly efficient, and scientists study its form and function as they develop prosthetic and robot applications. This research benefits those who have lost limbs, including veterans returning from war.

You see, everything God created is known for something and has a purpose.  What are you known for and what is the why for your life? Are we just here to chill, make money, build houses, buy expensive cars, marry, have children and die? I think and believe not.

If these animals which today are and tomorrow are not, have purposes, how much more the apex of his creation, humankind!

There are no illegitimate children, for all children are the heritages of God. God allowed you to come to this world because there is an assignment He wanted accomplished that required your presence. Research tells us that there are about seven billion people in the world and no two individuals have the same fingerprints.

Every human being has to contribute to his or her generation. No one was given life to take up space. If everyone were to discover his or her own value, balanced by the understanding that everyone else has a contribution to make, I believe all the needs in the world would be met.

The world needs your leadership. You exist to meet a specific need on earth that no one else can meet. Every human came to earth with something humanity needs.

Every human wants to be great! The desire for greatness is inherent in the human spirit and is a principal motivation for all human action and decisions. However few would admit this reality, and most would deny it.

Whatever God created he designed with the capability to do its job and server its purpose. If God created birds to fly, then he designed the birds with flight capability on the inside. Whatever God call for, He provides for. Birds do not become fliers; they are fliers. They are born with the capacity. They just have to wait to come of age. When the time is right and their wings strong enough, the mother will push them out of the nest and they will know what to do. Likewise fishes do not become swimmers; they are born to swim. The ability to float and maneuver in the water is in them.

Your assignment is as unique as your fingerprint – it is meant to distinguish you from every other person in the world.

You are the apex and the climax of God’s creation. His master-piece, a well thought through creation with special features for His unique assignment.