Made To Remain Unbroken

I am a child of destiny because I believe in destiny. We were all born to win though our experiences and paths are different. I believe no matter how hard life may have dealt with and maybe dealing with us, God trusts us enough and has confidence enough in us to permit our circumstances.
The manufacturer is not afraid of the tests his creation may be put to because he knows the quality of material and time spent to produce his masterpiece. You are God’s masterpiece, you are His creation. God is a sagacious and astute businessman. He always makes a profit never a loss. Come to think of it He gave his only begotten son that we all may be called the sons of God. Because of the huge investment he has made in your life he has the right to demand dividends.

He created you in His image, gave you the breath of life, talents, gifts, strength, wisdom, knowledge, friends, family, et cetera and like any shrewd businessman, He does not invest for investment sake but for-profit and expansion of His kingdom. Have you taken the time to find out why you are blessed than others? If you find out you will discover that it’s not just about you and your family padding up your level of comfort but something bigger and greater.

Although every child of God is destined for greatness I still believe some people are specifically chosen by God to fulfill a particular assignment based on the demands of the time and the season. For example, John the Baptist was chosen to herald the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and the manufacturer made sure he had the qualities that will enable him to fulfill his assignment; he was arrayed in a “camel’s hair” garment, secured by a leather belt, and his diet was locusts and wild honey.

Our temperament, desires, likes, and dislikes are not accidental they were carefully nit together to help us fulfill the purpose of the manufacturer. Like clay on the potter’s wheel, we have to allow the master potter to prepare and mold us into the vessels he desires. Before the potter sets out to create anything at all he must first determine what use the creation would be put to and where his creation will stand.
These two determinations will inform the potter about the kinds of materials to use in the process of creation. The kind of material required for vessels that will stand in the Palaces of Kings and museums will not be the same as that required for vessels for everyday use. The first thing the potter does after the right material has been identified is to soak the entire clay material in water.

Are you baptized by the Holy Spirit? Let him that has ears hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying.

When the clay is taken out of the water, its state is slippery and unstable. At this stage, the clay can easily be marred or fall off from the potter’s hand but the potter has the patience to pick it up and add it to the other piece that remained on the potter’s wheel.
To stabilize the clay the potter intentionally exposes it to continuous heating and cooling for a period of time. When he is certain this has been achieved, the potter now goes ahead the form the object he has determined.

There is no clay that is ready to go to the marketplace until it has passed through the fire. The fire is where plates, cups, and jewelry are made. If you are going through fire in life it means you are being prepared to be launched to the marketplace.
The greater the fire, the stronger the object. The greater the fire, the more powerful the object. The manufacturers do not want the clay object to misrepresent them so they allow the object to stay longer in the fire. They don’t want the object to get to the place of standing and break down. The reason you have stayed longer in your fire is that you are not an ordinary clay object, the longer the fire, the more unique, the longer the fire the more penetrative, the longer the fire the more flexible, the longer the fire the more resilient.

The next stage after the fire is decoration. To decorate the clay object the potter uses a sharp edge, normally something that cuts because he has to penetrate the object to create some beautiful patterns on it. But who wants a knife on the body? But the beauty about this is that when he is through with this everybody admires the object and will pay any amount for it.
After the decoration, the manufacturer puts his seal of approval on the object. This makes the object unique from other objects being sold at the marketplace. This seal of approval is the trust and confidence imposed on the object by the manufacturer because he knows what has gone into the production of the object. This object can now stand in the palaces of Kings, Embassies of Nations, and Museums and not breakdown.

Don’t run away from the fire but allow the potter to release you majestically after you have received the seal of approval and your buyer has come. Never forget;

The greater the fire, the more powerful the object.
The greater the fire, the more penetrating the object.
The greater the fire, the more flexible the object.