Why Do We Pray?

I can bet you have prayed one time or the other in your life if even you don’t pray now like you use to before. All religions on the planet have prayer as part of their activities. The Muslims pray five times a day and the Jews three times a day. But why is this activity so important to the extent that all religions inculcate it as part of their religious activities. Most of us have not been taught why we have to engage in such an activity, we just do it halfheartedly to fulfill religious righteousness.

Prayer for many is a 911 call which is only activated when they are seriously in need or trouble. This need not to be so. Some even laugh and mock those who constantly engage God in prayer with the fierceness and seriousness that is required to see the birthing of the promise He has made to them. Prayer is such a controversial area of religion that very few want to touch. There are different kinds and types of prayer for different purposes. Many think prayer is just to ask for their needs, that is just the tip of the iceberg. There is more to prayer than that. But why do we have to pray.

Prayer at its very foundation is talking to God. It is one of the ways we Love on God. Unfortunately not a lot of people know this. God is not just a passionate lover, He is Love itself. No one loves like Him. He is the epitome and the personification of Love. He needs some love from His creation too. God is very emotional and a dangerous lover. He told the Israelites “I am a jealous God”, He also said “have no other god beside me”. Nothing stands in God’s way in the pursuit of His lover. Talking to God or communicating with Him is one of the ways we can build an intimate relationship with this wonderful Lover. Ooh how He longs to hear your voice in the early hours of the morning. Like a woman in love, we are continuously on God’s mind. He longs for you to tell Him “I Love You God, You Are My Everything, I Can’t Do Without You, You Are My Refuse and Strong Tower”. Communication is the blood of every relationship, therefore if we love God genuinely we will pray to Him and create the atmosphere to love on Him every day.

We also pray so we can enforce the will of God concerning our families, loved ones, children, friends, career, church and nation. Whether you believe it or not, or aware of it or not, we are caught up in an invisible battle 24/7 and the battlefield is our minds. Just as God has a plan for our lives, the enemy also has a plan for us. The enemies plans may look very lofty and fun from the beginning but he is determined that at the final analysis we will miss it and that he causes us pain, adversity and destruction. May i announce to you that hades has nothing good for its inhabitants, the enemies love toward us is perfect hatred. Prayer is the only means by which enforce God’s will to override the schemes and plots of the enemy. This is why John Wesley rightly noted “It seems God can do nothing for man until someone prays” and why is this so? This is so because the greatest asset God gave to man is the ability to choose, which is  call “The Will”.

God does not override anybody’s Will but can come into the equation of the situation of your life and turn it around when you call on Him through the medium of prayer. That is why He admonishes us “Call unto me and i will answer and I will show you great and might things that you know not”. You do the calling, you do the praying. If you are too big to go on your knees, then you are too small to stand on your feet because he who goes on his knees stand tallest. He molded you in Mama’s womb, loves on you,protects you, gives you breath, clothes you, gives you ability to make wealth, sustains you and you have the audacity to disrespect and disregard Him. Which of you knows what happens when you go to sleep in the night? God woos us by the gentleness of the Holy Spirit  like a husband will woo his wife, to convict us and turn our hearts to Him. He is wooing you right now as you read. He is at the door of your heart knocking gently but will not break the door just to get in when you don’t want anything to do with Him. No way!.

Prayer changes things and people. Fundamentally after creation when God stood aside and looked at the works of His hands we shout out of joy and excitement “It is Very Good”. If it was very good from the beginning the next logical question is then what got us to where we are now? and why all this mess going on all over the world. This is not how God meant it to be, but when we engaged the principles of God in every area of our lives we will experience “Eden” in the mist of calamity and entropy. The laws of God do not discriminate. When a child touches a naked live wire the law of electricity will not say “This is just a child, it is ignorance, i will not function”. No, it will function just the way it would when touched by a fully grown bearded man. The law of prayer is a universal law. When children pray God hears and answers. When adults pray God also hears and answers. [Modal-Window id=”1″]

Prayer Is The Only Earthy License For Heavenly Interference.