The Undercover Generation

My heart becomes exceedingly over burdened with sorrow and pain when i hear of the sufferings and injustices that occur across the world. How the simple meet their untimely death through strange and unexplainable circumstances. It seems the good is debased and evil is exalted on high. The border line that used to separate good and evil has been erased and the younger generation can hardly tell the difference.

We have been to the moon and back and yet we cannot live harmoniously with the neighbor next door. We have multiplied our possessions but reduced our values. We have more knowledge than generations gone before us but less judgement. We have more experts but more problems, more conveniences but less time, we have more degrees but less sense. What a paradox of life!

Amidst all these pollution and confusions, there is still a remnant and a generation that God has kept for Himself. I call these remnants the Undercover Generation. These are ordinary folks like you and i, some with no background at all but have encountered God in the wilderness and know what is takes to cause a shift in the realms. This generation is unassuming. You need the eye of the Spirit to identify them because there is nothing about them outwardly that is appealing  yet these are God carriers. They might never come near the pulpit or wear a priestly garment but they know how to hold on to the horns of the alter and cry out for the next move of God to be birthed on the earth.

This Undercover Generation do not take no from the enemy. They disappoint the “dissappointer”, attack the attacker, and eliminate the eliminator. They know how to rebuke the devil, heal the sick and endure hard training.This the generation that will bring back the separating lines between good and evil and stand for good even if its unpopular. This is the generation whose motivation is to please God alone and not fame or money.This generation is not ashamed to pray over their food at the restaurant or in other public places. This is a radical and offensive generation that takes the battle to the gates of the enemy and tarry on their knees until they hear the Father’s voice from heaven. A generation that will not cower or faint in the face of opposition but hold on firmly to the values and principles of the Kingdom even to their demise. This Undercover Generation looks vulnerable on the outside but are fierce and uncompromising in spiritual warfare and understand the rules of engagement, they do not bow to any authority except the one established by God.

Will you stand out and be counted today?

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