The Power Of A Seed

In most fruits the seed is the least recognized portion and yet without it extinction is unavoidable. By the principle of divine order, only seeds have the capacity reproduce fruits of their own kind. There are two category of people on the earth today; Bread Eaters and Seed Sowers.

So many years ago there was a great famine in country where thousands of people were perishing on daily bases. Governments of other nations and humanitarian organizations decided to intervene seeing the situation was not getting any better. Food and rice seeds where sent to the citizens of the country so they could cultivate them to fight the crisis. But instead of the citizens eating the food and cultivating the seeds, they were so hungry that they ate the seeds as well. Your guess is as good as mine. The future belongs to only seed sowers. If you eat your seeds, you consume your destiny.

As insignificant as a birth right was to Issau, he exchanged his destiny and future for a bowl of stew. The birth right at that time was the seed that could earn him dominion in future but he was careless about it. He allowed the cravings of his belly to disinherit him of his blessings.

That’s the power of a seed because embedded in every seed is a potential tree and a forest. So each time you eat a seed you might as well think you have a whole forest in your belly. God has already given each and everyone of us seed or seeds. Where is my evidence;

And God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the earth. (Genesis 1:22).

God said be fruitful, not seedful. God will not command us to do anything if we don’t first of all have the potential to deliver. That will be an injustice. Therefore if he commands fruitfulness and as a logician, it reasons out that he has already supplied the seeds for cultivation. Your seeds are your time, gifts, abilities, talents, relationships, wisdom, knowledge, the list is endless. Anything can be a seed it all depends on your perspective. A problem that others are running away from can be the seed that will propel you to greatness with solved. When everybody was running away from Goliath, it took a shepherd seventeen years boy to cut him down. The battle with Goliath was David’s seed and key to his future. Had David avoided the battle there is a possibility we would not have been still talking about him today for his great accomplishments.

Is there a possibility you are running away from something that could be a seed or a ladder to your greatness? Stop admiring and desiring other peoples stuff and goods and start cultivating the seeds that your maker gave you and very soon others will be watching and desiring what you also have. Nobody is seedless but not everybody is productive why? Because of the false illusion that some people have it better talents, gifts, knowledge and opportunities than us and also because of the price one has to pay in the cultivating period before the harvest. There is no instant elevator to the top everyone has to use the stairs one step at a time.

If you sow today, then you can have the hope of harvest tomorrow, but if you eat your seed today you have nothing to look forward to.