Made For More!

There is a Gold mine in us all, no body is useless.

Nature never made a failure, failure is man made.

Men through out the ages have frantically and tirelessly dug pits several feats into the belly of the earth, to discover precious and priceless metals and minerals laying in the deep.

They didn’t put it there! it has always been there all the time but the capacity to go beyond the surface and delve deeper than one will normally go is what makes heroes out of otherwise ordinary people. The scriptures testifies : they that do business in the deep see the wonders of God. Even God is looking for “deep seekers”.

In a similar manner God has dealt with all men potentials, talents and gifts, nobody was left out. The ability to recognize your portion and capacity to unearth these gifts, refine and share with the world is what makes you an asset to your generation and not a concern. We are made for more and there’s always the next level no matter which pedestal you currently standing on.

Stop beating yourself up because of what others have done and are doing. What you seek for or your next level is already within not without circumstances withstanding. Labour is what brings forth the priceless jewels already embedded within. Clear the dirts on the surface and get to the core of who you are. Those who avoid labour forfeit their destiny. There is not elevator to success everyone must use the stairs one step at a time.

No man is limited by reason of their background, race, education or physical disabilities. History has soon and current events continue to show how the power of the human will can overcome anything.

Benjamin Franklin had only two years formal education is his entire life but through personal studies and reading, he established a  university which continues to “speak” even today. No matter your excuse someone has won with the hand with which  you are currently dealt with.


You are meant for the top.

You are meant for impact.

You are meant for excellence.

Your are meant for more.