Iron Sharpeneth Iron

Men are social beings and we interact and communicate on various communication protocols.

It has been scientifically proven that over sixty percent of man’s communication are non-verbal. This is important because it means most of our communication take place on the unconscious plain. In a typical social market place there are a lot of exchanges on both the conscious and unconscious communication channels. We empathize with friends and loved ones when they tell us a sad sorry or what they are going through and share a laughter over a joke at the office.

Everyone we interact with consciously or unconsciously has an effect on our outlook on life or environment. Faith is contagious and so is fear and doubt. The person with whom you share your precious  time can positively or negatively affect your overall out look on life. When you spend time with an optimistic person you end the conversation uplifted and with a renewed zeal to hung in there until your story changes for good, in the same vain a pessimist will have a problem for every solution you propose leaving you in doubt, fearful and uncertain about your own future and downcast.

The scriptures could not have said it better “He that walks with the wise shall be wise but the companion of fools shall be destroyed”. It is not for nothing that the angel told Mary to visit her cousin Elizabeth. I am sure Mary had other relations and friends but the angel specially told her to go to Elizabeth because Elizabeth was six months “more” pregnant than her. A wise man always surrounds him/herself with people who are better than him/her. Walk with people who are more anointed than you, and increase in anointing, walk with people who are pursuing their dreams and they will inspire you to go back to pursue the dream you left on the table years ago.

Negative companionship is that which sucks on your energy and resources without any intention of giving anything back. It is only a matter of time  when such interactions will leave you emotionally, psychologically and financially bankrupt. Such is not worth keeping. As others nourish you, you must also find ways to nourish back that is the solution for bankruptcy. Anything that is not nourished will die.

Positive interactions add value to your life, provoking you to leave your comfort zone to pursue your dreams. They are a source of hope and inspiration in times of difficulty. Such you keep and nourish.