Impossible is Nothing!

Man is not limited by the color of their skin, gender or background but the by the size of their hope.

What causes one to stand tall , defy all odds , break the status quo and scientific predictions of men while another sinks deep into the abyss human calculations and becomes a statistic and a demography. Humans have always had the tendency to criticize and shot down the unknown or what they don’t understand or prove in test tubes at the laboratory. As a “Gamalielian” I am careful to jump to a conclusion or make judgement until proven beyond reasonable doubts because life is not a straight line. One can have all the proves and exhibits on an issue to support an allegation or accusation and still come to the wrong conclusion. Potiphar’s wife had Joseph’s coat to prove her allegation but we all know what actually happened.


When Alfred and Wilbar Wright thought of the idea of inventing a device that could fly, it was sometime very odd and funny in their time and dispensation. They where heavily criticized and even insulted. i can hear some saying “Who do they think they are to think of such a ridiculous thing”. Still others angrily spewed “If God wanted humans to fly, He would have given us wings”.


But what do we see today? What turned this seemly impossible idea into a possibility?Definiteness of purpose and focus coupled with consistency delivered what we are all enjoying today.

What will the world have been today should the Wright brothers have allowed their big idea to be shot down small men? Take a minute to think about that. They may have failed during their first experiments and tests. Nobody cares about your private failures but the world will publicly celebrate your accomplishments. Don’t give in, don’t throw in the towel, no matter how many times you may have failed it is still possible. Get up from the bed and dig your hands in one more time.

Failure is not the opposite of success, failure is part of success. Until you have failed, you are not yet ready to win.